Food Matters

There’s a lot of noise in our lives about what you should or should not eat. It can be difficult to know what will work best for you. And food is important. It’s the fuel source that keeps our bodies and minds functioning, influences how we feel and what we can accomplish in the short-term, and it also impacts our long-term health.

Do you ever feel

overwhelmed by all of the diets, plans and food choices out there?

Want to prepare

more healthy meals at home but don’t have the time?

Do you try

to eat better but get bored with “healthy food?”

Food is not the enemy.

Let’s redefine your relationship with food, once and for all.

When we work together, we will empower you to make the right choices for your unique body. We’ll focus on making sustainable changes that will help you invest in your future health while enjoying good food today.

We’ll explore topics such as:

  • Making peace with food
  • Navigating the grocery store and farmers market
  • Stocking a healthy kitchen
  • Maximizing efficiency in the kitchen
  • Mindful eating do’s and don’ts
  • Choosing wisely when dining out
  • Boosting your fresh veggie and fruit intake
  • Deciphering the latest food claims & trends
  • Optimal pre- and post-exercise fuel
  • And more

In our work together, you may find yourself:

  • Looking at the grocery store or farmers market through a new lens
  • Exploring mindful eating through fun, simple exercises
  • Enjoying a hot fudge brownie sundae without guilt or shame—really!
  • Conducting experiments with when, what, where and how you eat

Once we’ve reworked your relationship with food, you will:

  • Stop obsessing over food and spend more time enjoying your life
  • Enjoy real, wholesome food again that nourishes your body
  • Make better food choices without feeling deprived
  • Change your relationship with food once and for all

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