Keep it Hydrated

Water truly is vital to so many of our body’s everyday processes. It helps with digestion, lubricating joints, organ functioning, maintaining body temperature and more. Our bodies are made up of water, and even minor dehydration can lead to fatigue, headache, dry skin and constipation.

Did you know

most of us live in a constant state of dehydration?

Sounds dramatic, doesn't it?


Are you getting thirsty

just thinking about it?

Sometimes we mistake hunger for thirst, leading to snacking when what we really need is a simple sip of water.

It can be easy to overlook hydration through the course of a busy day. 

Hydration isn’t an exciting topic, and many people don’t enjoy drinking water. That’s why when we work together, we’ll assess your hydration habits, then focus on ways to get you—and keep you—well hydrated without much effort or hassle.

In our work together, you may find yourself:

  • Experimenting with different water temperatures, sources and vessels
  • Investing in a dedicated water bottle or tumbler you can take anywhere
  • Examining your pee. (Yep, I said it)
  • Slicing up a lemon or cucumber to keep things interesting

Once we’ve improved your hydration, you will:

  • Discover how good it feels to be adequately hydrated
  • Drink enough water for your body without overthinking it
  • Feel less lethargic and more alert throughout your day without extreme changes

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