Get Moving

Regular movement benefits the human body in so many ways—physical and mental. It’s an investment in yourself that provides immediate benefits and a long-term payoff. But when it makes you uncomfortable, feels like a burden or waste of precious time, it’s difficult to make exercise a regular part of the healthier lifestyle you pursue.

Wish you could exercise

more often, but can’t find the time?

When you have

a busy or stressful day, does your workout fall by the wayside? 

Are you intimidated by

going to the gym, trying a yoga class, or training for a 5K?

Exercise can be enjoyable. It’s true.

Imagine looking forward to exercising tomorrow instead of dreading it.

Working together, you and I will discuss your past successes and setbacks related to exercise. We’ll explore different ways to incorporate physical activity into your busy week so that you can look forward to exercise and feel energized naturally.

We’ll dive into topics such as:

  • How much exercise is enough?
  • The Three Pillars of Exercise
  • Enjoying movement and finding more energy
  • Making exercise an automatic habit
  • How to avoid time-wasting exercise trends and habits
  • Taking the hassle out of workout prep
  • Making time for movement
  • Breaking through boredom and adding variety
  • Fighting the plateau: challenging yourself beyond your borders
  • And more

In our work together, you may find yourself:

  • Exploring different kinds of movement and exercise that you’ve never tried before (country western dancing? Disc golf? Swimming?)
  • Walking a lap around your office building or neighborhood
  • Riding a bicycle for the first time since your childhood or sitting on the bike next to me during your first spin class
  • Looking forward to moving each day because you actually like how it makes you feel

As a result of our work, you will:

  • Develop a new relationship with exercise to benefit you for the rest of your life
  • Feel more like yourself and the person you want to be
  • Have more energy now than when you were younger
  • Finally enjoy exercise because you’ve found the right kind of movement and plan for your unique body

Ready to make it happen?

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