Self Care

Self-care has become a buzz word, but its importance should not be discounted. When you go a long stretch without taking time out for yourself, it’s easy to get burned out, stressed or simply run down. Sometimes your body may call attention to it and you may catch a cold or the flu. Other times you just feel like you’re in a funk mentally. 


When do you make "me time" a priority?


What does self-care mean to you?


When you find a few extra minutes

in your day, do you distract yourself by scrolling through social media or intentionally use it for something beneficial?

When you make self-care a priority, you can proactively prevent yourself from getting stuck in ruts—and even have fun in the process.

Working on self-care will look different for everyone. 

Through targeted brainstorming exercises, I’ll help you tune in to your unique methods to recharge and rejuvenate. Then we’ll discover ways to effortlessly integrate your self-care activities into your life without guilt or shame.  

In our work together, you may find yourself:

  • Scheduling in daily or weekly “me time” into your calendar and actually sticking to it
  • Finally getting around to that gratitude practice thingy everyone keeps talking about
  • Setting an alarm clock—not for waking up, but for lights out
  • Writing in a journal for the first time since your “Dear Diary” days of 5th grade

After you’ve discovered self-care, you will:

  • Avoid burnout more easily and recognize periods of life when you need to focus more time on yourself
  • Notice how your body reacts by staying healthy and ready for life’s challenges
  • Take time out of each day or each week for guilt-free self-care
  • Understand from experience that when you invest in yourself, everyone around you benefits too

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