Start with Sleep

Everyone has a unique sleep style, but one thing remains true for all of us: sleep is the foundation. Without enough high-quality sleep, everything else in your life suffers. 


Do you struggle

to turn off your brain and get to sleep at night?

Or maybe you

have difficulty sleeping soundly through the night.

Is the Snooze Button stealing

precious time each morning?

Sleep impacts your physical health, mental health, quality of life and even your safety. 

Lack of sleep can hinder weight loss efforts and make it hard to make good decisions throughout your day.


We’ll take a close look at your quality and quantity of sleep to identify key areas of improvement. Then I’ll guide you through simple, easy changes you can make to optimize your success. We will conduct some mini-experiments to determine which changes will bring lasting improvement to your unique sleep style.

In our work together, you may find yourself:

  • Throwing out your alarm clock and cranking up the A/C
  • Setting an alarm—not for waking up—but for going to bed
  • Listening to a 5-minute guided meditation to help your mind and your body peacefully transition to sleep


Once we’ve improved your sleep, you will:

  • Feel like a lighter, younger, more vibrant version of yourself
  • Perform better. You’ll have more energy at work and at home to do the things you enjoy
  • Be better equipped to make lifestyle changes like eating better and moving more

Ready to make it happen?

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