Tech Boundaries

Technology has brought some amazing progress to our lives, but the ever-increasing abundance of devices, apps and screen time can be dangerous to more than just our eye health. Despite all the benefits, tech can prevent us from being fully present in our lives, damage our self-esteem, impact our ability to focus deeply, overstimulate our senses and drive a wedge into our relationships.


Don't you just love it when

great ideas come to you in the shower?

How many minutes per day

do you spend in front of an electronic screen? Or should we be measuring that number in hours instead?

When your device isn't

within arm’s reach, do you notice that “twitch” to check for notifications or a missed call?

Technology can prevent us from being fully present in our lives.

Finding the right balance of staying connected and staying grounded can take some work.

We’ll work together to prioritize the tech in your life that truly matters and set boundaries or completely eliminate the rest. By examining the impact of tech on your life, we will intentionally make technology work for you, not against you.

In our work together, you may find yourself:

  • Doing something more meaningful than checking email, social media or the news immediately upon waking
  • Installing an app to measure your app usage. (Ironic? yes. Useful? Yes, times 10. Temporary? Without a doubt.)
  • Putting your social media account on pause for a day, week or month
  • Striking “Netflix Binge” from your vocabulary because there are a million other things you would rather be doing… and you’re too busy actually doing them
  • Ignoring your work email outside of standard working hours. Trust me, it can be done

Once we’ve set some tech boundaries, you will:

  • Find yourself with more minutes in the day. What will you do with all of this newfound “down time?” We’ll discover ways to apply this time toward your bigger goals, which may look like increased productivity or more moments of peaceful rest and relaxation
  • Be more present in your one-on-one, real-world interactions with fellow human beings
  • Spend less time wrapped up in negative news of the day and more time living your own life
  • Learn to recognize when tech is taking over, and use the skills you’ve learned to reign it in again
  • Have a greater sense of calm, control and ease with the technology you allow into your life because you have clear boundaries

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