Time Design

From the top CEOs and celebrities to your neighbor or coworker, we all have the same 24 hours each day. How we use those 1,440 minutes is a choice—and it provides meaning for lives and shapes our worldview.

If you could design your ideal

day from start to finish, what does it really look like?

Do you feel like

Do you feel like you are always “busy”—your calendar is packed full of appointments, meetings and errands—but you never seem to accomplish much?

When is the last time

you declined an invitation or told someone “No.”?

How we use our 1,440 minutes each day is a choice.

Sometimes you need an objective view to really see how you use your time each day. 

When we work together on time usage, we’ll closely examine how you’re using your time, figure out what is working and what you’d like to change, then pave a path for you to get there. Sure, you’d like to go the gym more or watch less TV, but it can be hard to make it happen without some objective data, a judgement-free space and some strategies to explore change and make it stick.

In our work together, you may find yourself:

  • Conducting a Time Inventory to figure out how you actually spend your time
  • Daydreaming about what your ideal day and week looks like—both broadly and specifically
  • Looking for a new job or earning a degree to move you closer to a life and a lifestyle that suits your strengths better

After we have redesigned your time, you will:

  • Build some “white space” or “margin” into each day for activities that are meaningful to you
  • Be empowered to embrace spontaneity because you have the time, freedom and flexibility for unplanned activities
  • Feel like you are living your life by choice, rather than letting other people, situations and past experiences dictate how you spend your time and energy

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